How To Study From Home Effectively

How To Study From Home Effectively

Studying from home has its perks and pitfalls. It can be bliss being in a comfortable environment until you realize that you barely managed to get anything done with all the distractions – scrolling through social media, taking naps and even having one too many cups of coffee!

The fact of the matter is you will require stronger willpower than usual to stay focused and remain motivated in this new learning environment.

Here are 5 tips to switch to study mode at home and remain productive.

1. Don’t study from your bed

Although your bed may appear to be the most comfy and convenient place to study, avoid doing so. Sitting at your bed not only causes poor posture and health problems, but also reduces your focus.

A separate and clean study space with proper lighting, ventilation, Internet access and more importantly, away from distractions such as noise or pets increases productivity while studying at home. In fact, moving to a separate area in the house to study will get you mentally prepared to switch from home mode to study mode.

2. Get dressed

Although it may be tempting to be in your pajamas the whole day at home, you will feel more motivated to study when you feel good about yourself. Be sure to shower, brush your hair and look presentable every day.

3. Set your own study routine

Creating a timetable will help you be more organized and makes studying multiple subjects in a day more manageable. Be sure to set reasonable time limits for studying each subject and schedule breaks. Otherwise, you may find yourself having snack breaks that stretch into lunch hour.

4. Adopt your own study technique

Some students study better by taking notes, while others prefer turning their notes into flashcards. There is no better time than now to try different study techniques and stick with the one that suits you. The goal is to ensure the study method used helps you understand everything you learn.

5. Stay connected with lecturers and friends

Studying from home doesn’t mean isolating yourself completely, even in times of a pandemic. Use technology such as Skype or Zoom to communicate with your lecturers when you need clarification about a particular subject. Teachers are always happy to help their students to study! Take study breaks and connect with friends via social media or go old-school by just making a phone call to check-in and share your thoughts. Engaging with friends will reduce anxiety and exam stress.

Studying at home doesn’t have to be boring. Try these tips and improvise as you go along to study effectively. Good luck!

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