Top 5 Soft Skills In 2020

Top 5 Soft Skills In 2020

LinkedIn Learning, recently compiled a list of the most popular soft skills and hard skills in demand in 2020.

Generally, the list highlights talent with interpersonal and people-centric skills. Leading the list of soft skills this year is creativity while the new soft skill to make it into the list is emotional intelligence.

Here are the top 5 soft skills in demand this year:

1. Creativity

A growing number of companies demand new hires to come up with more creative and novel ways to develop innovative products and services. Creativity is in demand at various levels from content creation and even human resources.

2.  Persuasion

Talent with effective communication skills, in particular the power of persuasion and negotiation is highly regarded among employers. This way, new hires with the ability to explain why their strategies are in the best interest of the company and clients will not only be beneficial to steer the company towards greater profits but also increase such talent’s career advancement prospects.

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3. Collaboration

As the saying goes -“teamwork makes the dream work”. Successful companies thrive on collaboration across the organisation. As such, high-functioning teams are known to achieve better goals for the company.

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4. Adaptability

Change is inevitable in life and in the commercial world. Talent with the ability to be open-minded, flexible and keen to learn will be sought after by employers. The ability to maintain the highest standards of professionalism in situations of conflict will also make such employees stand out from the rest.

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5. Emotional intelligence

A new addition to the list this year is emotional intelligence or the ability to manage and express one’s emotion as well as handle interpersonal relationship at the workplace. This addition indicates the growing need for employees to act and react to situations at the workplace in a respectful and professional manner to ensure greater productivity and better results for the company.


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